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Xero Sled V2

Xero Sled V2

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V2 update - added in 3 center holes tapped 1/4"-20 so you can thread in your mini Xero Tripod or anything else interesting.  Also check out the Kestrel Mount which clamps into the existing clamp on the Xero Sled and now you have a great benchrest setup or for your other non ARCA setup rifles.

The Xero is awesome.  One of the many benefits is the small size and weight which begs to be side mounted off the ARCA on your competition rifle.  Did the barrel speed up mid match or are you just off your game?  Slap it on there for a quick check on the next stage.

Of course there are others who make these mounts, but at $200+ bucks, I am making my own.  I am betting there are some others out there thinking the same thing and this should be priced accordingly.  Here it is.

Comes ready to use including the ARCA clamp installed.  The retaining screw for the Xero is captive so you won't lose it.  The Xero mount is a slot so you can slide it left or right a little bit so you can adjust clearance for any external weights, rails, my Stabilator, etc.  The external dimension wraps around the Xero providing a bumper to help avoid banging up the Xero if your rifle ends up on its side or you get agro on a stage with the thing still on there.

Made from 6061-T6 completely in my shop here in Northern Arizona.  Carbon Grey Cerakote applied for finish, it goes well with any other gear color.  Custom colors can be done on request at an up charge. 8oz weight without the Xero installed.  .350" thick and very stout. The ARCA clamp is inset to prevent shifting.  The Xero can be rotated slightly on the mount if needed.

Mounting holes are provided if you decide to remove my clamp and install your own.  Maybe you have a dual PIC/ARCA clamp like the RRS BTC PRO.  You can verify your clamps fits by measuring the center to center hole spacing is 1.1" (ARMS-17 pattern) and the width of the clamp (center line of holes to edge opposite the lever or knob is no more than 1.280" which is an exact measurement no fudge factor). This fits a pretty large clamp. The holes are tapped 10-32.

Any questions, contact me directly at

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