Installing the E-Clip for the Xero Sled

In case this comes up for any reason, here is an easy way to get this clips installed without shooting them across the room or bending them up.  Not that you all can't figure this out, just showing you my way that works every time.

1. Start by installing the retaining screw in the slot and sliding it all the way up.  Note the alignment of the screw in the photo, this keeps the D-Ring perpendicular to the slot and the screw right in the center.

Showing how to align the D-Ring screw in the slot on the Xero Sled

2. Place your index finger over the screw to hold in place, keep it there and rotate the part over.

Showing D-ring install process step 2

3. Lay the E-Clip into the slot from the top FIRST.  This keeps it from falling sideways through the slot.  This is the magic part. Your index finger is still on the screw from the bottom firmly keeping the screw from moving.

Installing the E-clip on the screw part 3

4. Tilt the Xero Sled up at a 45 degree angle and slowly use your index finger in the bottom to side the screw back just far enough where you have room on the top of the E-clip to get needle nose pliers in there.  Keep everything centered nice and grab those needle nose with your free hand.

Step 4 of installing the E-Clip

5. I know the picture shows me laying it down on the table, do not do that.  I just did not have 3 hands available to take the photo.  Keep your index finger controlling the D-Ring screw from the bottom tightly and now take the needle nose pliers and gently push straight down from the top as seen in the next photo.

Step 5 - Snap the E-Clip on the screw

Hopefully this makes things easier!  Let me know if you have any troubles.

Kevin McLeod