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McLeod Precision



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Designed as a semi-permanent competition chassis alteration to provide a more stable and functional platform for the PRS shooter.  Simple chassis upgrade to get you the benefits of a wider and longer chassis.  Lugs for extra grip and stability.  No need to replace the chassis you are comfortable with already.


MLOK + BA COMP- Now supports any chassis with standard MLOK slots on the bottom of the fore-end.  14.9" Long.  Tested on MPA ESR, XLR, KRG, Seekins, MDT and a few others.  Still retains the original proprietary attachment pattern for the BA Comp for versatility. 

MANNERS - All the same features but comes with 3 - 1" recessed slots to accommodate the pattern on the Manners TCS/PRS1/PRS2 using 1/4"-20 cap screws (provided).  This version is Manners only and does not include the BA and MLOK pattern.

THICKER - Still weighs 2lbs and supports any internal weights or external dog bone type weights.

LESS WIDE - 3.5" vs 3.9" - Fits into V shaped props much easier with a medium game changer.  Tank trap center bolts and v shaped tree branches for example. Also easier to grip when carrying your rifle. 

GRIP LUGS - New design gives you a point to latch onto pretty much anywhere without feeling like you are reaching for a lug.  Grab several lugs at once with the meat of your thumb.  Lower profile and less intrusive.

SLOTS - Attach bags with Velcro or small carabiner and paracord.  Quick transition on those tie -breaker barricades without sacrificing you bag selection.

SPACING - On the MLOK setup you can slide the plate forward or back to your comfort zone.  On the BA Comp the plate sits further forward and new rear geometry clearances the new BA Comp barricade stop.  Eliminates need for the spigot provision.

NEW COLOR - Standard color is now CERAKOTE CARBON GRAY.  Much nicer texture and dark neutral gray to match a wide variety of paint schemes without just being more black stuff on the rifle.  Custom colors are available on request for an up charge.

MPA SPIGOT - The spigot slot is now included on all Stabilators.  Fits V2 and V3 spigots from MPA.  Very old Gen1 spigots will not fit unless you trim the back of the spigot down about .125"  For reference, the entire length from rear tips to the end of the spigot is 18".

Other Features

  • 6061-T6511 precision hardened manifold aluminum stock.
  • 14.9" long and 3.5" wide
  • Full length low profile ARCA rail on bottom.
  • Rigid fixture to chassis through the use of 2 steel precision dowel pins and 4 flush screws.  Extremely solid. For MPA attachment.
  • Full length MLOK hole pattern for attachment to any rifle with a flat bottom fore-end and MLOK slots.
  • Multiple locations to grab on to as you use your support bag, creates a much better interface point vs attempting to grab small side rails or weights.
  • Vinyl insulator strip for interface with the chassis.
  • Most ARCA attachments such as a CYKE-POD will require the use of a quick release lever.

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