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McLeod Precision

Precision Reloading Block

Precision Reloading Block

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Custom machined from a 6061-T6 block of aluminum.  Designed for high volume precision competition reloaders who are not concerned about "bench space" or lowest cost plastic solutions.  A product you look forward to using while you prepare in excess of 5000 precision rounds a year.


Spacing between case pockets is generous for ease of access.  Pocket size is designed to reduce slop and powder flip out, yet provide for easy extraction and insertion with a nice 45 degree chamfer provided at the top of the case pockets.  Glass smooth finish inside pockets with a perfectly flat pocket bottom for easy detection of high primers.  Pocket bottoms are within .001" tolerance enabling an easy look down the necks for any odd shoulders or necks lengths. 


All other corners and edges have a smooth radius finish. The bullet tray pocket bottom is finished with an "Adaptive Clearing" option that results in the unique pattern.  This pattern receives a double finish pass and presents a smooth texture with no sharp edges.  Only available on the RAW color option.


The polished "look" finish is exactly how these come out of the Haas Automation CNC machines we run in house.  No additional finish work is applied to the "RAW" finish option.  This is what you see in the picture above.  RAW option is available for purchase now.  


First 100 Special Edition RAW units sold with be serialized on the bottom with a laser engraved logo.  


Pocket sizes are tuned already, but in case you have an odd wildcat, here are the actual pocket sizes.  If you have a special application beyond this selection, select "Custom" option.


Actual pocket size:

 - 223 base = .3950" fits cartridge base maximum. 3850"

 - 308 base = .4850" fits cartridge base maximum .4750" 

 - Mag base = .5450" fits cartridge base maximum. 5350"


If you have any questions, please contact us.


All products 100% made in USA.

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