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McLeod Precision

Optics Bridge

Optics Bridge

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Clamp the Optics Bridge into your ball head and attach your optics, kestrel, range finder and wind flag.

Provides countersunk holes for common 1/4"-20 camera style screws to attach directly to those type of mounts on your devices.

10-32 tapped holes set on a 1.1" ARMS17 standard pattern throughout, allowing attachments of clamps anywhere, top or bottom.

Full length, double sided ARCA rail.  "Rotator" ARCA block included that allows a 90 degree presentation to your ball head.  Very important for ball heads like the anvil-30 so the operating handle stays in the proper orientation. 

The "Rotator" can be moved anywhere on the bottom of the rail for offset if you prefer all of your accessories on one side of your optics.

Made from 6061-T6 aluminum in the USA.

11.9" Long X .4" Thick X 1.5" wide at 8.8 oz weight.  Extremely rigid.

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