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McLeod Precision

Mini Grip V1

Mini Grip V1

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Designed based on request from NRL Hunter competitors, provides a perch or grip point between the rifle and support bag while keeping weight penalty to a minimum.  Weight is 1oz per Mini Grip.   These are also great for PRS or just even a chassis type hunting rig.

Mounts to pretty much anything with some slots or holes on the side.  Tested on MDT HNT 26, MPA Ultralight, Hybrid and BA Comp.  Custom backer plates that will support use on proprietary, MLOK, Keymod, etc.  Uses a 8-32 screw size which will even pass through the 10-24 tapped holes seen on the MPA Ultralight.  5 hole positions provided so you can get it mounted easily where you like. 

These can be mounted in a low configuration or flip over for a high configuration.  3" long and provides 1/2" of perch is the low configuration.  .65" in high configuration.  The rest can fit on the left side or right side as they are fully symmetrical.  Very smooth with no sharp edges, screws are fully countersunk. 

Fabricated right here in house 100% from 6061-T6 aluminum and finished with black Cerakote.  Custom colors can be done for an up charge depending on the color you want.

Sold as single units, if you want one on each side for ambidextrous use, buy two.


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