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Mini Grip V0 - Prototype "The Fatty"

Mini Grip V0 - Prototype "The Fatty"

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These are my first pass at making these.  They are nice, no issues and cosmetically excellent. The dimensions DO NOT work for any MPA chassis.  The vertical mount area is not tall enough and falls into that "well area" around the MPA slots.  Will work fine on other flat mounting surfaces such as a MDT HNT, for example.

They are fatties.  1/4" thick and the thumb rest is .9" at the widest point.  Deemed to obtrusive by our NRL Hunter testers.  I hate to throw them away, so I am putting what I have up for sale at a discounted price for those that may prefer "the fatty" version.  Comes with the same mounting hardware as the Mini Grip V1.

In the picture, "The Fatty" is on the left and the V1 is on the right for comparison.  Price includes shipping in the USA.

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